Top 7 Tourist Attractions in London (Recommended)

Hello lyrical how are you today? I hope you are fine, because now i will share an article for you about Top 7 Tourist Attractions in London. London as the capital of England is certainly a great big city. Located on the River Thames, London has a myriad of uniqueness and beauty that should not be missed. In lieu of Winchester became the capital of England in 1066, London is known to be the largest metropolitan area in the United Kingdom by area, even considered the largest urban zone in the EU. Then, what fun exciting sights that can be visited during there? Here are some of the attractions in londong that you must visit: (Read More : Top 10 Holiday Destinations In The World)

List Of Top 7 Tourist Attractions in London

1. Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is probably the most famous landmark in London. The official residence of every king / queen of England since 1873, comprises 775 rooms, including 78 bathrooms, 52 bedrooms for royalty and guest houses, 19 special state rooms, 188 bedrooms for staff, and 92 workspaces. The palace has its own police stations, hospitals, post offices and cinemas, and the largest private park and oldest helipad in London. There used to be six flamingos living in a palace garden, but unfortunately a foxy hound preyed on the flock, and there was never a substitute bird. Make sure you watch the guard replacement ceremony at 11 o'clock every day, or any other day depending on the season. (Read More : TOP 6 Tourist Destination In Paris (Recommended)).

2. Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace
Duke _ and Duchess of Cambridge_ (aka Will & Kate), and Prince George lives at Kensington Palace. Parts of the palace are open to the public, such as beautifully landscaped gardens and state rooms. The residence of a royal family for almost 300 years, the previous occupants were Queen Victoria and Princess Diana, Princess of Wales. Do not miss the royal fashion show, including the renowned clothing collection from Princess Diana. (Read More : Most Popular Holiday Destinations In New York).

3. Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace is a luxurious residence of King Henry VIII. The palace is known to be haunted, with news of the appearance of King Henry VIII's wife (Jane Seymour, Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard) wandering through the passage, closing the door, and running toward the chapel. Unlike other palaces, in this palace you are free to enter and explore it. The places to be explored are the Tudor kitchen, the haunted gallery, and the 1350m2 labyrinth in the middle of the palace garden.

4. The Tower of London

The Tower of London
Built in 1066 by Conillyor Tea Wiliiam, the Tower of London is guarded by the Beefaters (guard special forces of the Tower of London) in charge of guarding the black crows in this tower. According to legend if the black crows leave the tower, the White Tower (white tower) will collapse and there will be a great disaster in England. The tower was once a prison and a place for execution of punishment for the nobles, including the wives of Henry VIII. Furthermore, this tower became an observatory, arsenal, zoo, treasure warehouse, and royal coin (Royal Mint). It is now a public museum where you can admire the 23,578 gems used to decorate the crown.

5. Hyde Park

Hyde Park
Previously a private deer park owned by King Henry VIII, this 360-acre park has been open to the public since 1635. Ride pedalo (pedal boat) to surround Serpentine Lake, visit the Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain in honor of Princess Diana, and if you visit On Sunday morning you can hear people's speech from all walks of life in Speakers' Corner. The place is made for street theater performances, if you want to swear, you can convey your thoughts to the world in that place.

6. Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey
Wesminter Abbey in gothic style decorated with illuminated glass and intricate stone carvings is a UNESCO heritage site. Since 1066 every king / queen has been crowned here, Wesminter Abbey is also the venue of marriage of royalty members including Queen Elizabeth with Her Royal Highness Duke of Edinburgh, and Wills & Kate in 2011. 17 kings / queens and famous personalities such as Charles Dickens, Thomas Hardy, Sir Isaac Newton, Rudyard Kipling, Charles Darwin and Geoffrey Chaucer are buried at Westminter Abbey.

7. St. James' Park

St. James' Park
St. James' Park is located right next to Buckingham Palace. Previously the hunting ground of King Henry VIII, until now serves as a royal zoo, reservoirs, and even a bowling alley. This park is a habitat for many beautiful feathered birds and pelican birds that have lived in this park since awarded by the Russian Ambassador to the Kingdom in 1664. The birds are fed at 2 pm every day. Take a break on a park bench and you may be accompanied by a pelican - it's a unique habit of this unflattering but friendly 

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