5 Best Fun Game to Train Your Brain

What's up lyrical, i hope you fine today because i will share to you an article about 5 Best Fun Game to Train Your Brain. We like to keep our bodies active, but why don't we invest the same amount of care in our minds? Everyone tells us to go to the gym and exercise to stay healthy, but somehow the same necessity is not given to our brain's health. Maybe we think that a little bit of reading or studying here and there is enough - but research shows that variation in our mental activity is the key to long-term success. There are also studies that show that people who engage in these video games are less likely to develop brain plaques associated with Alzheimer’s disease. Keeping your mind active is as important as physical exercise and these apps can help you stay fit mentally.

When you think of learning, I bet you think of sitting in a classroom listening to a teacher’s lecture. While this is the most common way of learning, it is far from the best way to learn. Monotonous repetition, never ending lectures, and repeated testing are not good ways to learn. The best way to learn is to remove the boring and have fun. This article will explain the benefits of mind games and list of mind game.

First, it is important to understand what exactly these games are. Mind games are activities that are fun but challenge your brain. Games that make you think, strategize, and remember information are all games that will help train your mind. In fact, many of these basic characteristics are what you find in many of the games you already play. The purpose of these games is to improve your memory, thinking, reaction time, and cognitive ability. These games are especially important later in life to keep these factors strong. While it may seem hard to believe, by simply playing certain games you can help avoid degeneration and memory loss by continuing to work your brain and keep it sharp. And this is 5 Best Fun Game to Train Your Brain, check it out. (Read More : 20 Best Offline Game For Android).

Roll the Ball : Slide Puzzle

5 Best Fun Game to Train Your Brain
Roll the Ball: Slide Puzzle has a clean graphics. The color used are mostly earth tones, but with a vibrant shade. The options are also labeled clearly so you would know immediately what they are for or it would be easy to find what you’re looking for. The game basically would require you to move the tiles on the board to make way for the ball to run through the pipes and reach the end goal, which is the riveted red tile. What’s good about it is that it has a smooth movement. The tiles move at the direction you want with a single swipe.

The basic gameplay is very simple to learn. If you love puzzle games, you might have played tile games before, although other games would usually require you to complete an image by rearranging the tiles. However, this one has a bit of a twist as you would need to move the tiles with pipes so that the ball could pass through them, leading it to the end goal. While it may seem easy to play, you would find it challenging and it would make you think. It could also be addicting as you would feel challenged to solve more puzzles.

Where's My Mickey ? 

5 Best Fun Game to Train Your Brain
Where's My Mickey? is the latest in the popular puzzle franchise, this time starring the main attraction of all Disney properties. The Mickey featured is not the same one as seen on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, though. He's the mischievous Mickey from the old cartoon shorts -- which could be confusing for some kids. He has a temper, a bit of a greedy streak, and isn't adverse to occasional potty humor, though there's nothing really offensive. There are mildly violent moments, but the violence is cartoonish.
The gameplay is by and large the same: Using your finger, you’ll carve a path through the soft dirt so that water will find its way to Mickey, trying to collect three tokens (in this case, stars) along the way. New mechanics come into play here, such as rainclouds that can store quantities of water and be moved by wind and other means to a more desirable location before being squeezed dry.

Where's My Water ? 

5 Best Fun Game to Train Your Brain
is a casual puzzle game in which players must clear obstructions from a sewer system in order to deliver clean water to the shower of Swampy the Alligator. Swampy is an unusual alligator because he acts like a human and loves to be clean, a trait that the other alligators find contemptible. This underlying story is played out in a fun, cartoon style, and even though there is conflict, it does not come across as mean-spirited or hurtful. In the sequel (Where's My Water ? 2) Gameplay-wise the 100 levels on offer have a bit more variety this time around instead of your standard "water to tub" puzzles. There are now levels where you have to avoid collecting any ducks, in addition to upside-down stages, and special challenges like leading a stream of water through a constantly scrolling screen (multi-touch, a feature that's always been in the series, really shines here). The Mystery Duck levels from the original's add-on campaign also return, and are as enjoyable as ever. As a whole it's not nearly as strong as what I'd consider to be the best game in the series (that honor goes to Where’s My Mickey?), but it's still a ton of fun nonetheless. 

Plants vs Zombies

5 Best Fun Game to Train Your Brain
If you haven't yet experienced Plants vs. Zombies yet on one platform or another, we have one thing to say to you - where have you been? It's fantastic. It's something of a hybrid of the castle defence and tower defence genres. In each level, the play area is a lawn split into several lanes - a bit like a swimming pool. Zombies approach along these lines, and if they reach your home base, it's game over. All you have to fight them off are plants. Some simply blast away at the undead, while others collect sun rays to produce coins, or act as mines or walls to slow the incoming waves. In typical Popcap style, you're granted a sense of reward at almost every interval. New plants are introduced every other level, forcing you to re-think you strategies all the time. Plants vs. Zombies avoid the sense of stagnancy that affects so many tower defence games, and while it's not a pure TD game, it's the one we'd recommend above all others for all you Android owners out there. 

Unblock Me 

5 Best Fun Game to Train Your Brain
The concept behind Unblock Me is brilliantly simple: Shift around a bunch of blocks in a box until you manage to free the one red block within. But this game gets really difficult quickly. Hardcore puzzle fans will find much to love here, as they mull over and tinker with a block set until they've figured out the solution. But casual gamers may develop bald spots from all the head-scratching they're likely to do. Still, if you've got the motivation and the patience, Unblock Me is a great brainy challenge. And with four levels of difficulty, and a whopping 3,000 puzzles, it will keep you busy for a long, long time.

Mind games are usually simple in design but have a big impact. Think of your brain like your abs. If you work out your abs you are going to develop strong abs. However, if you do not work out your abs they will lose their definition and strength. Mind games are built to work your brain to keep it sharp and alert. So what do you think of best game list above ? who's the best ? Your decisive. Thanks for Read this article about 5 Best Fun Game to Train Your Brain i hope you enjoyed for read, don't forget to give comment in below and keep visit SONG LYRIC ALBUM.    
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